Tony Huesman was a medical miracle. Until his death in August of 2009, Tony was the longest living single graft heart transplant recipient in the world, having lived with his originally transplanted heart since 1978. A sports enthusiast, Tony worked at Tuffy Brooks in downtown Dayton since his teens. While a teenager, he was diagnosed with a disease called “cardiomyopathy” or an enlarged heart. As a result, he could no longer play sports and participate in activities that would place stress on his heart. By the age of 20, the doctors said nothing more could be done. Fighter that he was, Tony researched a new procedure called a heart transplant and found that only one medical facility in the U.S. was offering this surgery: Stanford Medical Center. Tony was put on the list for a new heart and received one from the victim of an automobile accident. He spent months at Stanford recuperating and fighting possible rejection of the new heart. He finally came home to Dayton and was placed on a regimen that would help strengthen his body. Tony decided that he would dedicate his life to helping others learn to prevent heart disease. He worked especially diligently educating children to be proactive about their health. He authored three children’s books designed to help them understand organ transplants, the importance of good diet and exercise, identifying good heart parts and how to take the anxiety out of medical tests. Physical Education teachers in many schools use his program, called “Just Move It,” where activity is stressed to combat obesity and illness. This program is sponsored in conjunction with Kettering Medical Center. Tony endorsed Jump Rope for Heart, a program to keep children physically fit. A website for the Huesman Heart Foundation offers information and links to other sites. Tony and his mascot, Teddy Tenderheart, visited schools to sponsor “Healthy Heart Days” infused with activities, healthy eating, and fun. Tony had been a popular speaker in schools sharing his transplant story and emphasizing the need for healthy living. Tony, truly an eternally optimistic “can do” person, was a Dayton Original in the most powerful way: helping others live more productive lives.