With more than 35 flavors of cheesecake, Kauhnya Wright has created the ultimate in taste sensations! The Wright Cheesecake began out of a love for cooking and one flavor of cheesecake. Today, Mrs. Wright’s menu offers everything from the traditional to the unusual, including Sweet Potato, Carmel Delight, Peach Cobbler, White Chocolate Raspberry, and Turtle Temptation. From humble beginnings, this homegrown business has developed quite a following, and The Wright Cheesecake is now offered at many local farmers’ markets and a number of local businesses. Mrs. Wright, and the delicious offerings of The Wright Cheesecake, is poised for regional and national greatness. She is able to think of a new flavor, step into her laboratory (in this case, her kitchen), and bring Dayton Original treats, from conception to reality!