Local metal sculptor Hamilton Dixon has his artwork displayed at various Dayton locations, including popular destinations like Pacchia’s, a Dayton Art Institute railing, and most recently, the Dayton International Airport. His metal railing installation in the Airport’s Boston Stoker Coffee shop runs 30 feet in length, and it swoops and bows at a variety of heights and depths, complete with hand-forged interior components that seem to reflect an “Earth meets Sky” theme. The forging process Dixon uses is similar to that of an old-world blacksmith. He begins his process with sticks of mild steel bar, either squared or round, and then places them in a forge until they are red-hot. He then manually removes the heated stick, and with hammer and anvil, hand-forges the steel into its intended shape. Each and every element of this one-of-a-kind railing was hand-forged by the artist. Hamilton Dixon epitomizes Dayton Original!