Completed in 1913, the Dayton Canoe Club building reflects the Progressive Era interest in social and health benefits of outdoor recreation and exercise. In the Dayton area, as recreation on and around the rivers became popular, boathouses, clubhouses, and dance halls sprang up along the Great Miami, Stillwater, and Mad Rivers. This interest in activity surrounding our rivers has recently had a resurgence in the Dayton area. Architecturally, the Dayton Canoe Club building reflects the influence of the early 20th century Arts and Craft Movement with its emphasis on simplicity and natural materials. The two-story building with stone lower story and overhanging veranda above appears to emerge naturally from the banks of the Great Miami River, while from Riverside Drive it appears to be one story, gently extending above the horizon. Still in use today, it is one of only two active Canoe Clubs in its original building and location that remain in the United States. In 2007, this Dayton Original was added to the National Register of Historic Places.