The City of Dayton has an established tradition of citizen participation dating back to the mid-1960s. In 1967, Dayton was selected by the federal government to participate in the Model Cities program. In 1970, the Model Cities Program was modified, which created what is known today as Dayton’s Priority Board System. The first Priority Board members were appointed in the spring of 1970, with the first Priority Board elections being held in December 1971. The Boards were charged to aid citizen participation, disseminate information, verify the magnitude of specific community problems, and identify and mobilize leaders. On June 25, 1975, the Dayton City Commission passed an informal resolution officially recognizing the Priority Boards as Dayton’s Citizen Participation structure.  In October of 2001, the City Commission adopted an ordinance reaffirming the Priority Board process as the official citizen participation process in Dayton. Perhaps the greatest strength of the Priority Board system is the information given to citizens on a regular basis, which enables them to make informed decisions on critical issues. As information is shared, neighborhoods and residents become stronger and have an opportunity to participate in the decision-making process. Over the past 39 years, much has been accomplished through Dayton’s Priority Boards. They have been instrumental at both the City and grassroots level in their support of the legislative changes, new program implementation, and leadership development. The City of Dayton and the Priority Boards have worked together to improve Dayton by supporting income tax increase and renewals, the passage of local school levies, and support of innovative City ordinances, such as the Well Field Protection Action, the Salvage Ordinance, and the Disclosure Ordinance. The City of Dayton’s outstanding history of citizen participation, coupled with the viability of the Priority Board System, has also helped Dayton to win two “All American City Awards.” Priority Boards, the voice and leadership of Dayton’s neighborhoods, are Dayton Originals!