During the 1970s and ‘80s a host of African American musical groups based in Dayton, or founded and fronted by Daytonians, influenced the national and international music scene in a big way. Dayton served as a virtual incubator for a genre of irrepressible funk music that was both unique and widely appreciated. Popularly known as Dayton Funk, or Dayton Street Funk, the soulful sound rhythmically entertained an entire generation of music lovers from diverse backgrounds all over the world. Basing their sonic appeal on heavy, insistent and hypnotic rhythm, Dayton’s funk bands created a distinctive and irresistible sound and style. Comprising Dayton’s hit-making lineup were the Ohio Players; Zapp featuring Roger; Heatwave; Slave; Lakeside; Steve Arrington’s Hall of Fame; Dayton; Sun; Faze-0; New Horizons; Platypus; Shadow; and Shirley Murdock. These homegrown acts exploded upon the international musical scene with a sound and style that had “Dayton” written all over it. Dayton street funk significantly contributed to the inspiration of the succeeding generation. Young hip hop artists celebrated Dayton funk music by sampling some of its most popular hits and by recording with some of its most popular stars. Dayton’s funk masters made the citizens of their city proud and deserve a standing ovation in posterity for sharing their inimitable artistry so generously while putting the world on notice that Dayton is truly “The Land of Funk.”