Voted the “Best of Ohio” chocolate company, Esther Price originated in Dayton and still uses many of the original recipes for candy-making in the original location near downtown. There is no other chocolate with the Esther Price flavor profile, and there are multi-generation employees doing the same jobs their fathers originally did at Esther Price. There’s just something unique to Esther Price that keeps people coming back (or ordering on-line if they can’t visit). Today, Esther Price Candies produces about one million boxes of candy per year and employs about 100 people during their peak season. The retail stores are open year-round, customers can place online orders 24 hours a day, and the wholesale department makes sure the chocolates are also readily available in Dayton-Cincinnati area grocery stores. When it comes to distinguishing yourself, you can’t be any more of a “Dayton Original” than Esther Price!