The Fitz Center for Leadership in Community at the University of Dayton is an addition to the long line of original Dayton innovations. No other center in the country, let alone in Dayton, puts together leadership and community building in the way the Fitz Center does. The Center’s unique asset-based community development approach which focuses on relationships and shared vision achieved through adaptive leadership and balanced inquiry and advocacy has helped to bring many good things to our community. The Fitz Center’s work includes Dayton’s Neighborhood School Centers, the Genesis Project, CityLinks, the Rivers Institute, and the Dayton Civic Scholars. It was officially created in 2001 as the Center for Leadership in Community and renamed in 2002 for Bro. Ray Fitz, former president of the University and a Dayton Original himself, but the work that the Fitz Center continues to carry on began as early as 1974 with the Strategies for Responsible Development and 1979 with the Center for the Study of Family Development. Like the University of Dayton, the Fitz Center for Leadership in Community is in Dayton to stay.