The Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors (DSPS) is Dayton’s premier art organization, founded in 1938, by artists in association with the Dayton Art Institute. During the 1960s urban renewal projects, DSPS members purchased the Victorian style house at 48 High Street. Keeping with its 19th century charm and authenticity, the house, built in 1869, was remodeled and converted into an art gallery. The 48 High Street Gallery has served as the home of the organization for over 40 years, with annual exhibits, events, and classes. Exhibits are always open and free to the public. DSPS continues with its rich history of supporting artist and the art community by managing the Art Gallery at the Dayton Convention Center, as an active member of the Cannery Art and Design Center, and by holding monthly program meetings open to all. The 48 High Street Gallery is a registered Montgomery County Landmark in St. Anne’s Hill Historic District. The Dayton Society of Painters and Sculptors and the 48 High Street Gallery are Dayton Originals!