The Humane Society of Greater Dayton is a nonprofit, non-tax supported organization that has been serving the Dayton and surrounding communities since 1902. Since its inception the Society’s respect for animals has been unconditional. Recently classified as “no-kill facility,” all healthy, friendly animals that enter the programs are saved. Services include pet adoption, spay and neuter services, cruelty prevention and investigations for animals, school education programs, offsite adoptions, information referral, lost and found pet directory, education outreach, and pet therapy. The facility includes a dog kennel which has indoor and outdoor access for the dogs, six cat rooms, an intake room, an isolation room for the treatment of sick animals, a cage-less adoption room, and space for birds and other small animals. This Dayton Original is the oldest, most established animal-advocate center in the area, helping countless animals and people for over 110 years!