In 1914 prominent Daytonians Charles F. Kettering and Colonel Edward Deeds recognized Dayton’s role as a leading city in industrialization. Their conviction was affirmed by the various highly-skilled technicians and engineers working in the city. On February 20, 1914, the two called together a group of well known engineers, which resulted in the establishment of an Engineers Club of Dayton. Today the Dayton Engineers Club of Dayton, located on Monument Avenue in downtown Dayton, is a focal point for technical and management interchange for engineers, scientists, business people and a wide variety of professionals. The club sponsors numerous educational activities and host meetings and seminars for many professional organizations. It provides opportunities for education of its members and the local community. It is recognized by the community as a center of activity for scientific, engineering, and professional dialog addressing important issues facilitated through fellowship and high quality services. The club’s legacy, wisdom of its members, and central location downtown allow it to contribute to the betterment of Dayton.