Since 1998 the East End Community Services organization has been working to address the needs of residents living in the Twin Towers and surrounding neighborhoods. The success of East End Community Services is based on comprehensive community involvement. Together with neighbors and citizens that dedicate more than 2,000 hours of volunteerism a year, the group is successfully transforming its targeted neighborhoods. The focus of East End Community Services includes youth development, education, employment services, and housing. The organization has partnered with Dayton Public schools to lead a new neighborhood school with a local site management plan. East End also proudly points to evaluations which show that 90 percent of the people who undergo their pre-employment services become employed. The group’s efforts have led to improvements to numerous houses in the Twin Towers community, improvements which will help create affordable, green and energy-efficient homes.


Dayton City Commission Recognizes East End’s Miracle Makers Program for City of Learners

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