Within ten years of arriving in Dayton in 1974 to produce broadcast ads for Rike’s, Andy Snow decided to live his dream of being a creative photographer full time.  He was soon represented by a series of national photo agencies and began an award winning career making photos for TIME, Business Week, and Fortune, as well as GE, P&G, DP&L, and NCR.  A graduate of Princeton University with a self-designed masters from Antioch Midwest, he lives in downtown Dayton where he authored Location Photography Secrets and began teaching and mentoring at the University of Dayton.

Andy is one of the 33 Dayton Region Creative Catalysts and helped to establish filmdayton and dayton c}space, while contributing to many other grassroots organizations.  As a community leader, he regularly donates his talents to the Muse Machine, Clothes That Work, the NCCJ, the United Way, the Kettering Wellness Foundation, DVAC, the UD Rivers Institute, ARC Ohio, and Stivers School for the Arts.  This Dayton Original is the official photographer of the Dayton Contemporary Dance Company and the Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, as well as the recipient of the Cradle of Creativity Award from the Dayton Foundation.