The large glass panes of Carl’s Body Shop were Carl Hounshell’s window to the world. In 1932, he opened the shop at its current location at 1120 Wayne Avenue. The neighborhood and its residents were his friends and his shop became an enduring landmark. Throughout the years, Carl kept the business a family affair. His son, Jerry Hounshell, worked 40 years with his father. Daughter, Virginia, began working there when she was just 10 years old, and eventually met her husband, Tom, who worked in the body shop. Carl was still working 10-hour days when he was diagnosed with lung cancer. He succumbed to the disease in 1988. The family eventually sold the business to new and current owner, Matt Miller. In 1989, there were only six employees and profit of $400,000 a year; today there are 30 employees and $2 million in sales per year. The main body shop, which can hold up to 35 cars, is a 19th century structure that once stabled the horses that pulled the city’s horse drawn streetcars. Another building, constructed with cork-insulated walls, once was an ice storage house that supplied the city with ice during the pre-refridgeration days. The main office was converted from an old tavern. Partnering with his father, Matt has given back to the South Park neighborhood that he has called home now for over 20 years by purchasing and refurbishing properties around the shop in this historic area. This Dayton Original is celebrating 75 years of honest, high-quality sevice in the same location!