Olive: an urban dive, is a locally sourced, Mediterranean-American restaurant located in the old Wympee Diner (built in 1938) on the corner of Third and Wayne in downtown Dayton. Local supplies are used as often as possible, and everything is made from scratch… they don’t even own a can opener or a microwave! Approximately 20% of profits are donated back to the community, and 85%-90% of all waste and compostable-only containers is recycled–right down to the forks and cup lids! Olive staff takes great pride in being an environmentally sound restaurant; they help deliver all veggie scraps, coffee grounds, and egg shells (averaging 60-90 pounds a week) to the composting bins at Garden Station. Olive is continually pushing the envelope on local sourcing and environmentally sound procedures and is proud have been awarded both the Green and Blue (water conservation) Badges from Montgomery County’s Green Business Certification program! It took 8 months for Kimberly Collett (Olive’s owner and operator), with the help of friends and family, to gut and rebuild the inside of this Dayton landmark. The tables were hand built from raw poplar, the ceiling from plywood, the counter from a tree Kimberly’s grandfather cut down 60 years ago, the bar lights from beer bottles, and even the patio! This Dayton Original, a little urban dive (which still has it’s wympee signage and exterior intact!) is a vibrant spot to dine!