Deeds Point MetroPark, 510 Webster Street, is located at the convergence of the Mad and Great Miami Rivers. This smaller MetroPark, with historical markers, provides great views of downtown Dayton and the rivers that pass it borders. The landscaped beds of Deeds Point Metro Park and manicured turf area conveys hints of a floral garden paradise. A variety of migratory and resident birds can be seen there. Deeds Point offers easy access to both the Great Miami River Bikeway and the Mad River Bikeway, so get out and ride! Deeds Point MetroPark has a bronze statue of Wilbur and Orville Wright as a fixture along the Great Miami Recreational Trail and an aviation timeline exhibit that serves as an ongoing reminder of the importance of the Wright Brothers and Dayton to aviation history. The park is also home to the Dayton Peace Accord monument, that symbolizes the agreement for peace between Bosnia and Herzegovina struck in Dayton on November 21, 1995. This Dayton Original provides the most picturesque landscape and southwest view of downtown Dayton!