Jimmie’s Ladder 11 is a restuarant that opened November 11, 2011, in a  1892 renovated firehouse. Firehouse #11 housed one of the last horse-drawn hose companies in Dayton! Located at 936 Brown Street, owner/opeartor, Jimmie Brandell, made every effort to restore, repurpose, and respect the original building and the period in which it was constructed. Many of the architectural elements were salvaged and repurposed or up-purposed from this building or Dayton buildings that were slated for demolition. The upstairs railings were constructed from the original steam radiator pipes and existing brass fire pole. The fire pole replicates the 1892 original. Displayed on the front wall is a collection of Fire Marks. Fire Marks were lead or copper plaques embossed with the sign of the insurance company and placed high on the front of the insured building as a guide to the insurance fire brigade. They were used in the 18th and 19th centuries in Europe and later in the United States. Fire Mark designs ranged from the very simple to very elaborate. The volunteer fire company would not fight a fire unless there was a Fire Mark on the burning building. The volunteer fire company received a reward from the insurance company whose Fire Mark was on the burning building. The use of Fire Marks diminished because of the institution of paid municipal fire departments. With two stages and an upstairs party room, Jimmie’s is a great place for live music and sports events! Jimmie’s Ladder 11 offers great appetizers, homemade soups, fresh salads, yummy wings, delicious sandwiches and burgers, wonderful quesadillas, tantalizing seafood, mouthwatering steaks and chops, and tasty pasta. This Dayton Original takes great pride in every dish!