The 618-acre Sugarcreek MetroPark (4178 Conference Road, Bellbrook) is filled with a diverse habitat of scenic creeks, rolling hills, dense woods, wild flowers, fields, prairies, and wetlands. Walk through a living tunnel created by the large arching branches of old Osage Orange trees. These trees were originally planted in rows in the late 1800s to serve as fence in the days before barbed wire was available. Find out what 550-year old trees look like when you venture 0.7 miles along the orange trail to the site of the Three Sisters, three ancient White Oak trees. Borings from the trunk, done in the late 1960s on the largest of the three, indicate that they began growing around 1440! Take a hike on the green trail, and see the beautiful spring wildflowers as they bloom across the forest floor. This planted prairie whispers of an earlier time, before Ohio was settled, when more that 300 natural prairie openings existed and buffalo roamed the land! Portions of the Sugarcreek MetroPark are also great for cross country skiing in winter weather. This Dayton Original also offers the opportunity for horseback riding over 10 miles of scenic bridle trails.