The astounding scenery inside Twin Creek MetroPark (9688 Eby Road, Germantown) is nature at its best. Only 20 minutes from Dayton, this 1000-acre park enables users to hike, fish, picnic, and many other exciting adventures. You’ll find hiking and bridle trails and a picnic area that offers a splendid panoramic vista of the Twin Creek Valley. The park is centered on Twin Creek, one of the cleanest most biodiverse waterways in the state. Natural attractions include a pond, woodlands, meadows and abundant wildlife. Over 500 species of plants and 70 species of nesting birds have been found here. Looking for a backcountry backpacking experience that traverses many different natural habitats with rich biodiversity and wildlife? Welcome to the Twin Valley Backpacking Trail! Set in the rolling hills of the Twin Valley, it provides a backpacking experience reminiscent of backcountry wilderness trails with beautiful hills, babbling brooks, abundant wildlife, history and small town charm. Total mileage for the trail is over 22 miles and includes 3 areas for overnight camping. This Dayton Original is home to Carlisle Fort which features remnants of earthen walls built around 2,000 years ago by the Hopewell Culture!