Fox Cleaners, Incorporated, opened on March 17, 1947, with its first location at 4333 N. Main Street in Dayton. Since then, it has expanded to include three outlets throughout the Dayton area. Fox Cleaners has always stressed quality in the finished garment, which has gained national recognition. For years, Fox Cleaners has been “A Name to Remember” and home to “Hand Custom Cleaning.” Fox Cleaners’ Main Street location offers free home pick-up and delivery service. At Fox Cleaners, drapery and curtain cleaning includes take-down and re-hang service. Fox cleans all suede and leather garments, including gloves and items with cloth trim. In addition, fur cleaning and storage is available. Once furs are cleaned, the temperature and humidity controlled vault protects them from moth and insect damage, and prevents skins from drying out causing eventual hair loss. Fox offers garment storage for out-of-season items, providing protection from insect, fire, burglary, flood, and mildew damage, while freeing closet space in your home. Bridal gowns and family heirlooms can be cleaned and packed away with acid-free tissue in special boxes, preserving them (and the memories) for the next generation! Feather and down pillows can be cleaned, sanitized, restored, and returned in perfect condition. The shirt laundry department uses a superior level of pressing that ensures that business casual and casual attire look like a million bucks! Fox Cleaners offers a full-service alterations department with three tailors on staff. This Dayton Original also specializes in odor removal and flood and fire restoration of water or smoke damaged items.