SunWatch Indian Village/Archaeological Park is the original location of an American Indian village that was occupied during what archaeologists refer to as the Fort Ancient period between the 1200s and 1300s. Archaeological excavations conducted by the Dayton Society of Natural History from 1971-1988 exposed a planned, stockaded settlement with astronomical alignments that has been recognized as a National Historic Landmark. Situated along the Great Miami River in southwest Dayton, the village has been partially reconstructed and features an Interpretive Center that includes dioramas and displays of the archaeology and reconstruction of the site, as well as exhibits of the artifacts recovered during the excavation of the site. Within the village, visitors can browse through several houses and the surrounding stockade that have been reconstructed in the exact locations where archaeologists discovered evidence of these structures and learn how the villagers kept track of the changing seasons based on the layout of their village. Visitors to this Dayton Original can also experience the restored native garden and prairie that surround the site.