Dayton-based writers Joshua Fields Millburn and Ryan Nicodemus are known as The Minimalists. They write essays about living a meaningful life with less stuff for their audience of more than 100,000 monthly readers. They have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CBS, FOX, NBC, NPR, CBC Radio, and Zen Habits. They have also spoken at several large events (World Domination Summit), as well as many smaller venues, including churches, colleges, corporate groups, libraries, soup kitchens, and various non-profit organizations. In 2011, they each left their corporate careers to become full-time authors and speakers. After writing three #1 best-selling books, they embarked on a 33-city international book tour with more than 1,900 attendees and eventually began contributing to people through online writing classes and private mentoring sessions. The topics about which they write and speak cover a wide array, from simple living and pursuing your passion, to health, relationships, personal growth, and contribution. Learn more about these Dayton Originals at: