The most widely used non-profit educational, cultural and information service in southwestern Ohio, ThinkTV reaches more than 500,000 viewers with quality programming each week. More than 100 school districts, serving 20,000 teachers and more than 400,000 students receive ThinkTV’s daily educational programming and services. ThinkTV chronicles Dayton history and innovation through its award-winning local productions and multi-media curriculum materials. Original local productions include Erma Bombeck: A Legacy of Laughter; Goodbye, The Levee Has Broken, The Story of the Great Dayton Flood; Wright Brothers’ Dayton; When Dayton When to War; and many more. In addition, ThinkTV produces Our Ohio, a weekly series about the Buckeye state’s people, places, and culture. Our Ohio is distributed to all public television stations in Ohio. ThinkTV’s workshops for childcare providers, educators and parents; STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) multimedia classroom resources, and award-winning programming for children provide resources and learning tools for children, adults and educators from pre-school through college and beyond.

In 2009 the Boards of Trustees of ThinkTV and CET (public television in Cincinnati) formed Public Media Connect (PMC), Inc., a non-profit public broadcasting media corporation. PMC is our communities’ largest classroom for young learners, the most accessible stage for the arts and cultural performances, and the most trusted source for public affairs and informational programs. ThinkTV’s mission is to strengthen the communities we serve through content and services that inspire and inform, educate and engage, fostering citizenship and culture, the joy of learning and the power of diverse perspectives. This Dayton Original provides a wide variety of programming that informs, inspires, and delights audiences of all ages!