Alanna Jai Wall founded Polished Girlz at the tender age of 10, wanting to combine her love of drawing and nail design with her heartfelt desire to volunteer. Polished Girlz, a 501C3, polishes nails and teaches nail and hand care to girls with special needs or hospitalizations. Founder Alanna did not let her age stop her organization’s expansion, growing Polished Girlz into a nationwide organization with teams of volunteers currently serving in Ohio, Rhode Island, Virginia, Baltimore, Chicago, Los Angeles, New York, and Washington DC. Alanna and her volunteers have polished close to 1,000 hands so far and she has over 125 youth volunteers serving under her direction! Alanna has been the very first manicure for a child, and the very last manicure for a child under the care of hospice. Her dedication, patience, and kindness is well beyond her years. Alanna is most known for her creative nail art and she has been recognized by Nails Magazine, Teen Vogue, Inspiration Today, Selena Gomez, and The Disney Channel for her work. Alanna’s nail art is so extraordinary that hospital employees even bring post-op patients and patients undergoing chemotherapy directly to Alanna so that she can work her creative magic on their hands and hopefully keep them out of the hospital just a bit with a little hand care instruction. Alanna is proud of her hometown, and in every interview she makes it known that although Polished Girlz are nationwide, the home base is Dayton, Ohio! Check out Polished Girlz national attention: “Like” Polished Girlz on Facebook, and view a Disney-produced Polished Girlz video on YouTube. This Dayton Original is proving that you are never too young to give back!