Since 2001, Fairy Godmother Creations, LLC has been retasking heirloom garments to create heirloom gifts that tie generations together! Liane Wagner initially started Fairy Godmother Creations as a hobby. She offered to turn fur coats into teddy bears as a way for people who had inherited real fur coats to be able to preserve and share the memories associated with the coat. Through word-of-mouth and Internet advertising, Fairy Godmother Creations turned into a solid Internet-based sewing business. Fairy Godmother Creations, LLC is focused on heirloom creation. The primary services include:  Turning garments into teddy bears to commemorate the garment or the individual that the garment belonged to,  turning wedding dresses into baptism outfits, creating quilted items from multiple garments, designing custom fabric-based dolls, and fabric-based heirloom repair. Liane and her team of professional fabric artists now put out hundreds of teddy bears and christening outfits all over the U.S. and Canada every year!

One Response to “Fairy Godmother Creations”

  1. Carol paulshock
    28 December 2013 at 5:08 pm #

    Thank you all for the beautiful bears you created from my mom’s fur coats . They were beautiful and all of my mom’s great grand-children adore them. Thank you also for having them ready for us for Christmas. It meant so much to us yo be able to present them to the children on her birthday even though she was not present, it still seemed like she was with us in spirit thru the bears. I know she would have loved them as much as we do. Thank you again for your excellent service. You are truly a fairygodmother.