SMAG Dance Collective is a contemporary fusion dance company founded in 2003 by Michael Groomes. The company’s eclecticism in movement, choice of venue, and its dancers push the boundaries of contemporary dance. SMAG’s mission is to provide opportunity for dancers and choreographers, educate and entertain diverse audiences, and to bridge the gap between artists, arts organizations, and the community. The company has spearheaded an effort to dialogue with other arts producing organizations and develop collaborations which push the impetus of the region toward being an arts and cultural destination. SMAG is a touring organization with a diverse repertory which includes classical, contemporary, folk, and social dance forms. The company also provides regular dance technique classes four days weekly. SMAG performs regularly in Dayton at several events, including Urban Nights, Tuesday Tales, and First Fridays, to name a few.

SMAG Dance Collective’s newest project, Dance Across Dayton (DAD), is offered at no cost to educational institutions for the purpose of enriching their students’ artistic and cultural education. Dance Across Dayton provides an opportunity for students in and around the Dayton area to participate in two 6-week long dance workshops during the school year.  The purpose of the DAD project is to give students more exposure to dance opportunities by bringing dance to them. The hope of Dance Across Dayton is to develop an arts culture at a younger age when the influence of a student’s learning will most affect their later life decisions.  The project represents programming SMAG has instituted to specifically target youth and regional leadership. This Dayton Original continues to offer contemporary dance for you.