FLOC, For Love of Children, is a volunteer-based organization that attempts to address the needs of children who are neglected, abused, in foster care, or who are simply in want throughout the greater Dayton community. There is no paid staff in the agency; simply a group of very dedicated, passionate people who want to make our community a better place for children who know such sadness. FLOC works with over 5,000 children in our area–a population that is cold and hungry in the winter, and have little resources throughout the year. Over the past 7 years, the generosity that embodies our beloved Dayton has raised over $420,000 for our kids. With these monies, FLOC has created and redefined 10 ongoing programs, including the Betsy Hoobler Skill Center, FLOC Boutique, Tools for School, Grant A Wish, Read to Me, Comfort a Child, Baby Safe and Sound, Birthday Club, and Christmas for Kids. In the past 2 years alone, FLOC has served over 2,400 children with Christmas magic, providing stockings and gifts where there would be none. This happens because of a truly caring community that graciously donates and supports, helping to make the world a different and a better place for children who need it most. This Dayton Original gladly welcomes volunteers for various roles, whether tutoring a student, reading to a child, mentoring a teenager, talking with a teen mom, or passing out toys for Christmas. Get involved by calling 937. 223. 3562.