The Entrepreneurs Center (TEC) is a technology business incubator.  TEC is passionate about making entrepreneurial business dreams a reality! By providing affordable access to the many tools required to incubate small business, TEC has enjoyed more than 13 years of client success. Many services are offered: Vet your business case with Morning Mentoring; Check your progress on your commercialization journey, from ideation to growth and sustainability with Advance to Profit; Get assistance to understand the basic steps to commercialize your product or service through our WKI approach; Take part-time space in our Business Lab to work on your business plan before you take the step to leave your full time job; Launch your business in our first class, affordable virtual office space while receiving our business assistance to further assure your success; Let us help you to take your small business to the next step through our Affiliate Program; Attend the once monthly Lunch and Learn sessions to learn about specific business issues and processes; Technology-based companies may find entrepreneurial development and funding through the Entrepreneurial Signature Program (ESP); Talk to a Certified Business Counselor at the Small Business Development Center at TEC to successfully launch your new business idea, free of charge and so much more. Call TEC to schedule a meeting to discuss your vision. This Dayton Original helps small businesses reach their potential!