Widow’s Home of Dayton is a non-profit, full-service short-stay rehab and long-term skilled nursing center than helps men and women from all over the Miami Valley. Located in the heart of Dayton, Widow’s Home of Dayton has a long history of caring and providing a home for those who need it. It began in 1872 as an organization to care for the widows of Civil War soldiers. Today, the modern facility is a rambling one story brick building with traces of its historic past. There are a total of 75 beds, including 50 for long-term residents and 25 for patients needing rehabilitation. Also, in recent years, Widows Home has opened its doors to not only women but also male residents. Throughout its 140-year history in Dayton, Widow’s Home has experienced extreme growth and remains committed to helping residents and patients to receive the highest quality of care possible. Widow’s Home considers its patients, residents, caregivers and staff an extended family because everyone looks out for each other and truly cares about one another’s well-being. This family-like atmosphere is the biggest reason Widow’s Home continues to grow and thrive. In addition, the organization employees a full-time staff that is committed to the comfort and well-being of all residents. This Dayton Original is where caring makes all the difference!