Family Service Association (FSA) is committed to providing efficient and effective services, delivered by professional staff who respect the dignity and self-determination of each individual served. Established in 1896, Family Services is one of the oldest non-profit social service agencies in Montgomery County, with almost every other social and human service agency developing from their rich history. Providing counseling and mental health services is at the core of Family Services’ mission. Each year, professional and courteous staff provide hundreds of individuals, couples, and families with confidential counseling services. Family Services specializes in the following: Adult Victims of Child Abuse; Anger; Anxiety Disorders; Child Abuse/Neglect; Child/Teen Behavior; Couples, Marital and Relationship Issues; Crime Victims; Depression/Mood Disorders; Domestic Violence; Difficult Life Transitions; Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing with Mental Health Concerns; Parenting Issues, and Trauma. Counseling is available from their office, in the clients’ home, and from locations within the community.

Community Services for the Deaf (CSD), a FSA program, has been providing services to Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing for nearly 40 years. Skilled interpreters facilitate communication between hearing and deaf consumers, removing communication barriers to ensure equal access. CSD also offers mental health counseling and case management services provided by licensed and skilled professionals for Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing. DeafEND, a prevention education/healthy living program, prevents drug and alcohol use among Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing youth and builds leadership skills through camping and other unique services. American Sign Language classes are available in several locations and are open to the public. Family Services’ Neighborhood Organizers work in neighborhoods, apartment complexes, and housing communities to revitalize the area by empowering residents to make positive and sustainable changes within their neighborhoods. This Dayton Original has provided successful neighborhood organizing across Dayton and has received local, state, and national recognition and awards for these services!