The Dayton Lime Reclamation Facility is one of two municipally owned and operated facilities in the U.S. that recycles the lime used in the water softening process. The facility, designed in 1955-1956, and constructed in 1956-1957, came online Thanksgiving Day in 1957. The City uses the facility to renew lime, recover carbon dioxide gas, and sell excess lime products to other users. The Lime Reclamation Facility uses a long rotating, cylindrical kiln fired at very high temperatures to convert the calcium carbonate into calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. While minimizing landfill operations, valuable chemicals are recovered and reused in the water treatment plants–a truly environmentally sustainable operation. The kiln produces an average of 65 tons of lime per day for 48 weeks, and the City needs about 55 tons of that to meet the annual demand. Therefore, there are 10 tons per day for 48 weeks available for sale. Currently, the excess is sold to 10 other lime softening water treatment plants creating additional revenue. The facility will receive imported sludge from other communities in the future. Reaching temperatures up to 2000 degrees, this Dayton Original is the hottest thing in town!