Daytonian Karla Brun goes for the gold—and brings it home. Karla, who qualified in 2012 to compete in the National Senior Olympics though she hadn’t completed a triathlon since the late 1980’s, went on to compete in Cleveland in July of 2013 and won a gold medal. She took first place in her age group in the women’s triathlon (fourth place in women’s overall), completing a 400-meter swim in Lake Erie followed by a 14-mile bike ride and a 5K (3.1 mile) run.  Her Senior Olympics triumph followed a painful forearm fracture just a few months earlier.

Karla began her swimming career by taking lessons in the mid 60’s at a City of Dayton pool. Her family joined Fair Valley Country Club when she was 10, beginning a 9-year summer career of swimming competitively in Greater Dayton Swimming Association meets. Today, she swims at Dayton’s Dabney Pool as part of a cross training program of running, biking and swimming. She attributes her endurance and athleticism to her parents, both excellent athletes (her mother, Mary, is in her 80’s and continues to play tennis).  A favorite quote focuses on the fun and reward physical activity provides:  “It’s not about the time it takes me to get from the start to the finish, but about the time I had in between.”

Karla is an occupational therapist working in Dayton Public Schools and lives in Dayton’s DeWeese-Ridgecrest neighborhood. She and her husband, Carl, bought their Dayton home there in 2001 to fulfill their desire to live in the city and be close to the bike path. They enjoy using the trail to run and bike and commute to work by bike whenever possible.