Glass bottles and jars collected for recycling throughout the Midwest are processed at Rumpke Recycling’s unique glass plant in Dayton, Ohio. Rumpke is a DRG3 Green Certified business and recovers more than 40,000 tons of glass annually! The recycled glass comes from homes, businesses, restaurants, bars and other venues. The Dayton recycling plant has been recovering glass since 2004, and received more than $4 million in upgrades in 2011. The upgrade was supported by a $500,000 grant from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources, accepted by the City of Dayton.

When glass arrives to the plant, it is mostly broken and mixed with paper, lids, caps and other materials. The glass must be cleaned and separated by size and color to meet rigid specifications for manufacturers of container glass and insulation. About 25 tons of glass per hour is fed through a series of screens and magnets to extract metals and other contaminants. Quality control specialists remove items not detected by machines, including drinking straws, ink pens and plastic cutlery. Moisture is then removed using a fluidized bed dryer that heats up to 300 degrees. Once most of the contamination and moisture is removed, the glass is separated by size. Pieces smaller than a half-inch are grinded into a fine, sand-like mixture and sent to insulation manufacturers. Optical scanning technology is used to separate the larger pieces into two colors: amber (brown) and flint (clear). The larger pieces are used to manufacture new glass bottles. Rumpke accepts glass bottles and jars (food or beverage containers) in all residential and commercial recycling programs. This Dayton Original is committed to keeping our neighborhoods clean and green!