Every product created at Lorenz Educational Press (LEP) is based on their commitment to support teachers providing a positive educational experience for students. They strive to produce products that embrace our mission to define learning areas vital to developing well-rounded students and empowering our future leaders. LEP publications include easy-to-use activities that can be integrated into core subject areas; materials that focus on non-core areas, such as critical thinking and listening skills, cross-curricular learning, music and movement, and team building; and resource tools for student assessment. Lorenz Educational Press is home to several unique educational brands:

  • Particularly known for its best-selling math and social studies books, Milliken Publishing Company includes a complete line of materials that spreads into all major core curriculum areas in a variety of formats. Milliken specializes in reproducible books, resource guides, decoratives, timelines, and full-color transparency/reproducible books.
  • The Teaching and Learning Company focuses on language arts products (the Four Square Writing Method in particular) and supplementary materials for preschool and elementary-grade students. Products include teacher resource books on arts and crafts, language arts, responsibility education, and a complete line of classroom poster papers.
  • Show What You Know® Publishing specializes in K-12 supplemental materials aligned to the Common Core State Standards. This division focuses on intervention, skill-building, and test-preparation that is specifically aligned with each standard and grade level indicator. These materials are based on research and designed by experienced educators and a clinical psychologist.
  • The newest division of Lorenz Educational Press, LEPinteractive, was created specifically for our line of digital products, including interactive whiteboard software and instant downloads. The first IWB software series, Map Skills, provides content for middle school classrooms in an area, specifically Social Studies, where quality interactive materials are lacking.

The parent company, The Lorenz Corporation, has been in the publishing business for 120 years in Dayton! All five educational companies are published under the Lorenz banner, but they each have a unique focus and goal. Lorenz Educational Press is proud to be a Dayton Original!