Wheat Penny Oven and Bar is a pizza-centric restaurant located in Downtown Dayton. Food and drink made by hand and from-scratch is their focus. In keeping with the kitchen, Wheat Penny has a culinary-oriented bar program, and many of the ingredients used in their cocktails and homemade sodas are made in-house, including bitters, syrups, and fresh vegetable and fruit juices. The comfortable dining room reflects a rustic and relaxed style, using color and reclaimed wood to set the tone. Open all day to accommodate any schedule, Wheat Penny is the go-to place for a quick bite, a business lunch, a gathering of friends and family, or a carry-out order for any number.

It’s hard to pin down Wheat Penny’s pizza with a label! It is definitely American-style; it is deliberately not wood-fired pizza. Their pizza is cooked in a big, hot Baker’s Pride deck oven. The dough is allowed to develop a minimum of 48 hours before being shaped. Once baked, the crust sports a large char-spotted cornice that has big, chewy air pockets and is firmly crisp on the bottom. The toppings don’t generally go on raw; each ingredient is cooked and seasoned for maximum texture and flavor. Every pizza is garnished before being cut, with coarse salt or fried garlic or snipped herbs or grated cheese or a scraping of lemon zest, whatever is appropriate to the pie. Wheat Penny also serves lots of vegetables, both in a myriad of salads and as a hot accompaniment to your pizza, chicken cooked under a brick, or fresh fish. Housemade sausage and other carefully sourced meats, ricotta and mozzarella cheeses made every day, fresh homemade pasta and sauces, herbs and vegetables, condiments, herb shakes and spice mixes bring a unique character to Wheat Penny’s cooking. This Dayton Original is proof that downtown Dayton is the perfect spot for a thriving restaurant!