Belle of Dayton is a full-scale production craft distillery located in the Historic Oregon District at the corner of Van Buren Street and Wayne Avenue. This historic structure was built in 1937 as a 3,000 square foot addition for Carl & Sue Hounshell’s family business, another Dayton Original, Carl’s Body Shop. In 2013, the LaSelle brothers transformed the space into an open-air distillery, spirits shop, educational venue, and tasting room. The distillery showcases a variety of products, all of which preserve quality, creativity, and singularity by utilizing old-world expertise coupled with modern innovations to create higher quality artisan spirits. Belle of Dayton offers a behind-the-scenes view of the work that goes into crafting truly great spirits. When visiting the distillery, you’ll witness the process from the hammer-milled grain, to cooking, to fermentation, and of course, distillation. Full-sensory tours include tastings, 8oz. glassware, and the chance to experience exceptional aromas throughout your visit. Tours are by appointment and space is limited to 25 guests. All guests must be at least 21 years of age. This Dayton Original celebrates America’s distilling heritage!