Gem City Podcast is the first podcast that is all about Dayton! Episodes highlight and discuss local news topics including business, politics, art, events, and other Dayton headlines. Each episode features one or more local guest hosts who examine what is happening in the community. The target audience is anyone that is interested in keeping up with topics presented by local Daytonians; the guests range from local business, to event coordinators, to politicians, to whomever has a great story. Listeners learn about important business trends, art events, economics, music happenings, festivals, restaurant openings, local outreach programs, and other stories to bring them closer to the Dayton community and its affairs. Gem City Podcast records at Folio Designhaus (another Dayton Original) in the Oregon District. In addition to their website, this Dayton Original’s podcasts can be heard on iTunes, Stitcher, and YouTube.