Good English is a three-sister rock band based out of Dayton, Ohio, that has built its unique sound on a bedrock of indie, roots, and punk-influenced rock and roll. The sisters, Elizabeth (23), Celia (20), and Leslie Rasmussen (19), have been playing out together in bars, taverns, theaters, galleries, and festivals since they were in junior high and high school, performing original music and entrancing audiences along the way. In August of 2013, they released their first full-length album, Radio Wires, which positioned Good English as a band to watch in Dayton! The album received a “Best CD of 2013″ recognition from the Dayton Daily News and ranking in Dayton Music Connection’s “Top 5 Artists of 2013.” The three sisters have begun to tour out regionally in cities such as Columbus, Cincinnati, Louisville, and Nashville, and are currently in talks to record and release an EP in the spring of 2015. This Dayton Original band channels a haunting and engaging revitalization of post nineties rock and roll!