Connecting Dayton’s rich history of innovation with a future energized by that same spirit of creativity and originality has resulted in an aggressive new branding initiative: “Dayton Patented. Originals Wanted.”

The City of Dayton is renowned for its legacy of innovation. Dayton was, and is, a catalyst for history-changing creations – for “firsts.” In fact, Dayton has long been one of the country’s leading producers of patents. Each patent reflects a new, original idea which adds to the ever-evolving nature of our lives, our community and, in many cases, our world.

Dayton’s most notable invention is the airplane, but our legacy of innovation extends far beyond flight. Dayton’s creative nature has touched people’s lives in countless other ways as well, including art, literature, architecture, science and industry. Innovation and originality are the very fabric of Dayton.

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